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For your bait and tackle storage needs, the Readi-Lure fishing tackle box clearly stands apart! Fishing tackle box and storage system choices are easy with the Readi-Lure! Young anglers and professionals will enjoy the lightweight design of Tackle Tech's Readi-Lure fishing tackle box
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Choose Your Color!

With your choice of bright colors, Tackle Tech's fishing storage box clearly stands apart!

The Readi-Lure fishing tackle storage system is now available in your choice of five colors:

  • Clear
  • Green
  • Chartreuse
  • Passion Pink
  • Yellow

Contact us to find out more about the Readi-Lure fishing tackle box storage system.

For the finest fishing tackle box and bait and tackle storage system, the Readi-Lure outdoes the competition!
The Best Fishing Tackle Box in its Class
Fishing tackle box storage systems have never been smarter!  Tackle Tech has the edge on design, storage, safety, and convenience! Because the Fish Won't Wait!
Say goodbye to the days of fishing for tackle instead of fish! The innovative horizontally-loading design of the Readi-Lure® fishing tackle box ensures fast and easy access to all of your bait and tackle. With the unique twin 4-drawer storage system and multiple removable compartments, bait and lures of varying sizes and shapes are easily reached. The fishing tackle box is made of a durable, translucent polypropylene plastic that is both lightweight when empty and allows nighttime content visibility with the assistance of a flashlight. The state-of-the-art octagonal design provides a variety of compartment sizes for storage of up to 200 fishing baits while keeping the fishing tackle box well-organized.
How the Competition Stacks Up
The Readi-Lure® fishing tackle box runs circles around the competition. Tackle Tech has thought of everything with its Readi-Lure fishing tackle box storage system.  Numerous compartments and lightweight design gives this fishing box the winning edge!With over twice as many removable compartments as either the Plano tackle box or Shimano fishing tackle systems, for almost the same price, the Readi-Lure® fishing tackle box gives the angler instant view and access to all tackle box contents at any time of day or night. Unlike other fishing tackle storage systems, the Readi-Lure® is no stranger to bad weather. Thanks to the soft rubber silicon seals securely placed on the inside lids, your fishing bait and tackle will be unharmed by wet weather and damp conditions.
Necessity is the
Mother of Invention

Created by a father-daughter team of lifelong fishing experts, the Readi-Lure fishing tackle box, with its 86 storage compartments,
is the solution to tangled bait and lost lures!
  The Smart Fishing
Tackle Box

From its catchy bright colors
to its see-through design,
your fishing trips can be
spent catching fish, instead of fishing for tackle!
The Pro’s Choice
Professional touring bass angler and seminar speaker, G. Wayne Byrd, prefers the Readi-Lure® fishing tackle box for his bait and tackle storage needs. With the assortment of fishing tackle storage systems on the market, ranging from bags to boxes, the Readi-Lure® clearly stands apart as the one and only choice for fishing tackle equipment.
No other fishing tackle box comes close to the Readi-Lure®!
Special Online Offer
For a limited time only, the Readi-Lure® fishing tackle box storage system is being offered at a special introductory price of only $49.95. Order now and receive the Readi-Lure® fishing tackle box at this special discounted price while supplies last!
MSRP $49.95
Please contact us for more information about Readi-Lure and upcoming fishing equipment products.
Readi-Lure fishing tackle box press releases and latest news
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Now in Passion Pink!

Women's fishing storage bait and tackle box by Tackle Tech is the solution to fast bait and tackle access Smartly designed and stylishly feminine, the Lady Angler™ from Tackle Tech gives women a sporty tackle storage system they can call their own! Learn more...
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Tackle Tech introduces one of
the most indestructible fishing tackle boxes on the market - Built to last a lifetime!


Only $19.99
While Supplies Last!!

The original Readi-Lure is being sold at a special reduced rate of only $19.99.

Available in yellow and green, this sensible fishing tackle box is a favorite for pro staff, as well as children, women, and adult anglers!

Order Today

More Than Just a Tackle Box!
Watch the Readi-Lure wear many hats around the house. Its numerous compartments and lightweight design are perfect for arts and crafts, makeup, tools, supplies, sewing, and much more. Order the Readi-Lure for your children's home and school supplies and watch them naturally become more organized!

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